NAF: Drone Strikes Map

The New America Foundation has an outstanding and up-to-date overview of the drone  campaign in Pakistan — complete with maps and critical information on key targets, deaths, time, etc. Be sure to check out “The Year of the Drone,” where they break this information down with analysis. Daily reports from Pakistan indicate that the Obama administration has expanded its drone campaign three-fold since the Bush years; leading some to argue that the use of unmanned assault aircraft and interventions in a sovereign country could qualify as “war crimes.”

The debated utility of these strikes (i.e. does the risk-reward ratio favor offensive rewards in Pakistan or does it risk inflating the Taliban’s popularity?) and problematic legal questions confirm that America’s drone program will endure more scrutiny before these issues are resolved. Thanks go to the New America Foundation for creating a comprehensive resource for understanding the scope of these efforts.

I sense a “pro” and “con” article coming up sometime soon, arguing for and against America’s drone campaign...

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